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RoRo Terminals

RoRo terminal operators specifically face the need to track and record all damages that can be found on trucks and their cargo in order to limit the number and cost of damage claims. This has long been a bottleneck at the entrance and exit of terminals as each truck had to stop for visual inspection, creating queues and congestion during peak hours, and generating huge labor costs.

The introduction of the dynamic SuperGate camera system of CAMCO meant a giant step forwards in improving these RoRo gate operations, and made CAMCO very quickly the leader in this niche market. Today almost all major RoRo terminals in Europe and beyond are using this system helping them with the automatic recording of the condition of each truck and trailer that enters and exits their terminal.

Condition Tracking Camera System


The SuperGate Camera system generates per truck a complete set of high resolution images covering all sides (including top and trailer chassis). These images are of the highest quality enabling an easy tracking of all damages whatever their form or dimensions. The images are stored and via a web-based interface easily retrievable. In addition the integrated OCR engines can perform the automatic identification of the trucks and trailers. Supergate proves to be the fastest camera system in the market, with the ability to process up to 500 trucks per hour, per system.

Gate Transaction Kiosk


The Gate transaction kiosks are installed in the gate lanes processing the inbound and outbound trucks. The kiosk systems are specifically designed and developed by CAMCO to operate in all aggressive weather conditions, day and night. Each kiosk has typically a LCD Touch screen, intercom, multi-card reader and ticket printer allowing automated identification, data collection and validation, and EIR / TID printing without the intervention of a gate clerk.

Traffic Control System


To have a smooth traffic flow and accurate access control, a system comprising traffic barriers, traffic lights, traffic guidance panels can be deployed. Besides the usage of reliable hardware that works in all weather conditions , it is mainly the software-based management of it that provides an automated traffic control system. This software is one of the standard GOS modules that is customized through configuration.

Gate Operating System GOS

20090505 gos manual snapshot selector screenshot

The GOS is the centralized software applications suite that manages and steer all the terminal gate processes and sub-processes. It is comprised of multiple software modules, some of them being customer specific software developments and others generic building blocks customized through configuration. The GOS takes care of all interfaces with the installed systems and sub-systems, and with the the TOS and possible other host systems . The GOS is the most complete software tool available in the market, providing terminals the capacity to increase the efficiencies and productivity while limiting the operational costs.

Some implementations