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Company background, milestones and major projects

2015: Strategic partnership with Westing and 1st major contract in China

After forming a strategic alliance with Westing Supply (Shanghai), a first major contract was signed for a gate automation project in the port of Qingdao (China). Camco thus extends its global presence by entering the world’s largest growth region.

2015: Strategic alliance with Mainfreight Australia

Strategic alliance with Mainfreight Australia: The Mainfreight warehouse near Brisbane is Camco’s first overseas distribution center for spare parts. The distribution center will serve the whole region of Oceania and Southeast Asia, and will significantly reduce delivery time of spare parts.

2014: Successful installation of the first BoxCatcher in DP World London Gateway and Rotterdam World Gateway

Installation of the first BoxCatchers (patented in 2015), providing Crane OCR, in:

  • DP World London Gateway
  • Rotterdam World Gateway
2014: Third generation kiosk systems

Based on 8 years experience with the first and second generation kiosks, Camco designed a third generation kiosk with stronger focus on remote maintainability. The component box, including its internal electronics, is completely redesigned. Some highlights:

  • New mechanism to tilt and open component box.
  • Improved component box lock system and improved sealing.
  • Easily replaceable kiosk modules. Modules reside in kiosk front and can be swiftly replaced by terminal non-tech staff. No tools needed.
  • Easily accessible cable connection box centralizes outdoor cables.
  • Backplane with embedded CPU.
2013: Major Australian deal involving all Australian terminals

Camco is elected to deliver full GOS solutions to all Australian terminals, including the DP World, Hutchison Ports (HPH) and Patrick terminals.

2012: Development of BoxCatcher and major APM Maasvlakte 2 and Rotterdam World Gateway deals

Camco is elected to deliver a full GOS and COS solution to APM Maasvlakte 2 and Rotterdam World Gateway.

Camco starts the development of its BoxCatcher Crane OCR solution.

2011: R&D projects on fingerprint technology, crane OCR and PDS

Camco stays ahead of the technology curve by continuing to invest in new developments on fingerprint reading, crane OCR and Position Detection Systems.

2011: Serving new and existing customers with gate automation solutions

New implementations of gate automation systems in:

  • Greenfield project in Wilhelmshaven, Germany (Eurogate CTW).
  • Hutchison Felixstowe (self-service console system).
  • Moerdijk Container Terminal, The Netherlands.
  • Fos Holding, France.

Replacements of existing gate systems:

  • APM Zeebrugge terminal: The Embarcadero gate system was replaced with a comprehensive gate solution including OCR camera portals, self-service kiosks and GOS software.
  • DP World Jebel Ali T2: A second proof of concept project to replace an older gate system. This resulted in a contract awarded by DP World UAE region to replace the complete gate automation systems of the T1 and T2 terminals in Jebel Ali.
2010: AutoGate projects in Spain, Greece and Sweden

Contracts for delivering comprehensive AutoGate solutions for greenfield projects in Spain, Greece (Piraeus Container Terminal) and Sweden (Copenhague-Malmö Ports).

2009: Major global projects and reinforcement of Camco as terminal automation solution provider

Camco implemented several major projects:

  • Second gate automation project for Terminal Nord of GMP in Le Havre, France.
  • AutoGate system at the DP World Terminal in Germersheim, Germany.
  • Second Transnet AutoGate system for the greenfield terminal in Ngqura, South Africa.
  • Comprehensive AutoGate system at the new greenfield railway terminal Combinant in Antwerp.

Major terminal operators such as APM Terminals, DP World and Transnet reinforce their confidence in Camco as solution provider by awarding new projects.

2008: New Grid Kiosk system for container transfer process

Launch of the new Grid Kiosk system fulfills the need to create more secure, automated transfer processes between truck driver and the newly introduced Automatic Stacking Crane systems (ASCs). Camco introduced the grid kiosks in the terminals of:

  • HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (Germany)
  • HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai (Germany)
  • DP World Antwerp Gateway (Belgium)
2008: Launch of 3rd generation GOS

Launch of Camco’s third generation Gate Operating System software suite, enabling faster and more modular implementations of gate automation projects.

2007: Interfacing with Navis N4 TOS

Camco became the first gate automation partner to interface with the new N4 TOS system of Navis when introducing AutoGate at Transnet Pier 1 terminal in Durban, South-Africa.

Camco extended its experience and insight in modern gate operations, enabling further developments and improvements of the systems and the GOS in particular.

2007: AutoGate projects in Europe, South-America and South-Africa

2007 marked the international breakthrough of Camco’s AutoGate solutions with major projects in:

  • Terminal Porte Océane (APMT) in Le Havre, France.
  • Cargo Services in Aarhus, Denmark.
  • HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder and HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai in Hamburg, Germany
  • DP World Antwerp Gateway in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Transnet Pier 1 in Durban, South Africa.
  • Port of Leixoes, Portugal.
  • Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso, Chile.
  • APM Terminals green field project in Virginia, US.
2006: First AutoGate installations at APM Terminals Rotterdam and Terminal de France Le Havre

Introduction of the first comprehensive AutoGate solutions at APM Terminals Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and DP World Terminal Le Havre (France).

AutoGate combines high performance OCR camera systems with self-service kiosks and state-of-the-art Gate Operating System software. This allows terminals to manage and steer all gate processes and interfaces with the TOS, access control, customs and other systems. AutoGate allows the terminals to maximize the gate operation efficiencies and significantly reduce the operational costs by limiting the number of help desk interventions and consequently the number of gate staff.

2005: First TrainGate in Hamburg (Germany)

Installation of the first TrainGate system at the HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai in Hamburg, Germany. This pilot project confirmed Camco’s technical and engineering capabilities.

2003: LPR & RFID access control solutions in Finnish ports

Launch of Camco’s SuperPass solution in the ports of Turku and Pori (Finland). This LPR and RFID based access control system for ports and harbors allows port authorities to manage every access point of the harbor from one central location, without having to man each port access with a guard, and in compliance with ISPS.

2002: First OCR camera gate in Hanko Ro-Ro terminal (Finland)

First dynamic SuperGate Camera OCR system installed in the Ro-Ro terminal of Hanko (Finland). High resolution images of all trucks entering and leaving the terminal provide the terminal operator with visual proof of each truck’s condition at entry and exit times, significantly reducing the number of damage claims. At the same time, the integrated OCR engines allow automatic identification of the truck and its containers.

With its first system, Camco was already able to reach the highest OCR accuracy rates and thus becoming the de facto benchmark in the market.

More installations quickly followed in numerous Ro-Ro, container and rail terminals around the globe. See our references section for a detailed overview.

March 1999: Founding of Camco Technologies

Camco Technologies was established as a private company with the goal to develop intelligent camera systems for inspecting and identifying trucks, trailers and containers entering and leaving terminals.

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