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BoxCatcher Washing Station

Automatic front cover cleaning reduces service interventions

Wash & Go

Camco’s BoxCatcher camera can be equipped with a washing station for automatic front cover cleaning, reducing service interventions. This optional cleaning device is automatically activated when image quality becomes poor, without interfering with BoxCatcher normal operation.

Operating on STS cranes in harsh maritime environments, BoxCatcher cameras are susceptible to dirt and rain droplets on their front cover, possibly blurring pictures and decreasing OCR performance. The front cover needs to be cleaned regularly, requiring human intervention. To keep service interventions to an absolute minimum, GEN3+ BoxCatchers can be complemented with a patent-pending Washing Station module for automated and scheduled cleaning. A regular wash/dry cycle takes one minute and does not interfere with the crane’s normal operation.

How it works

Customers can schedule the wash/dry cycle at specific intervals, based on crane operating time and crane moves. The water sprinklers will jet washing fluids onto the BoxCatcher camera cover, while the blower will remove the remaining droplets, ensuring crystal sharp pictures. Once the water reservoir empty, it’s easily replaced, allowing safe refills of empty reservoirs in the terminal services facility.

Also in wet climates the Washing Station proves its value as rain droplets may distort image quality. After showers the blower is automatically activated to dust off the cover and to remove droplets, without activating the water spray nozzle system, thus saving water and unnecessary reservoir refills. An antifreeze water mixture in the reservoir will ensure operations even below-zero weather conditions.

BoxCatcher with washing station module


Depending on local conditions, the Washing Station allows reducing the manual cleaning frequency with up to 90% compared to BoxCatchers without Washing Stations.

Operating modes matching local needs

In the standard BoxCatcher Washing Station configuration, the complete wash/dry function is activated after specific crane operation time intervals as well as before a new crane operating cycle. The blower function is automatically activated when OCR images deteriorate because of rain droplets on the camera cover. Finally, the system can be activated on-demand by the operator using Camco’s Crane Operator Application.

Washing Station in action

washing station in action

Poor quality OCR image showing rain drops

OCR image of container showing rain drops

Washing Station Features

  • Automated & scheduled front cover cleaning
  • Dust, dirt and droplets removal
  • Standard or operator initiated
  • Plug-and-play water reservoir
  • Mounted just above service position

Washing Station Advantages

  • Less interventions, increased uptime
  • Crisp & clear pictures
  • Less exception handling
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