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Put a stop to damage claims by recording the condition of trucks and containers on your terminal

Condition Recording using OCR Camera Portal

Terminal operators who need to track and record all damages to trucks, trailers and cargo, can rely on the OCR Camera Portal. With unmatched speed, a set of high resolution pictures is generated of all trucks entering or leaving the terminal, and made available for damage claims management. These pictures can serve as the indisputable visual proof of a container’s or trailer’s condition at crucial points where responsibility changes from one party to another.

A web-based application is provided for easy image retrieval. Terminal operators can provide access to their customers to the same image database, where they can check the damage status of their fleet.

In addition, the integrated OCR engines can perform the automatic identification of the trucks and trailers.

Left, right, top side and optional chassis

Line scan technology is used to provide quality pictures of the truck and container’s left, right and top side. As the legs and tires of trailers are highly subject to damages, most Ro-Ro OCR portals have extra chassis cameras to focus specifically on the bottom part of the trailers.

Additional features

Key Features
  • Dynamic drive-through and static camera solutions available.
  • Full processing in less than 3 seconds per passage.
  • Supports truck speed up to 10 m/s.
  • Processes up to 500 trucks per hour.
  • No limitation in length and load combination.
  • Uses line scan technology.
  • Produces tamper-proof, certified high resolution images.
  • Web-based image retrieval application.
  • Embedded time and location tags.
  • Vehicle profiling including length and height measurement.
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