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Software and hardware go hand in hand to provide terminal automation solutions

Gate Operating System (GOS)

Camco’s proprietary GOS software suite is specifically developed to manage and steer the diverse and localized gate processes and sub-processes used in modern terminal operations. To allow the required level of customization per gate automation project, the GOS consists of a wide variety of software components or building blocks. Typically 10% of a gate automation solution is comprised of customer-specific components, such as gate processes, kiosk screens and other specific interfaces. These components are implemented through custom software development. The remainder of the solution is built using field-proven generic components, customized through configuration.

This concept provides an optimal balance between flexibility and stability, and provides customers with a tailor-made gate process within time and budget.

Key Features
  • Powerful and modular software, based on .NET.
  • Proven interfaces with major TOS systems, such as Zebra Navis, Tideworks, Cosmos, TSB.
  • Simulators on different levels to accelerate the integration process.
  • Supports all major databases (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, …).
  • Supports multiple communication standards (TCP/IP, SOAP, FTP, jms, web services, …).
  • Supports server virtualization (VMware,…).
  • Supports numerous process points, such as kiosk, operators, camera portals, access points.
  • Gate processes fully customizable to every specific gate operation.
  • Visual overview of gate operation, via graphical user interface.
  • Web extension for browser operation.
  • Real-time process monitoring.
  • Multilingual support for kiosk and operator screens.
  • Support for interfacing with access control equipment (ISPS security, traffic barriers, traffic lights, …).
  • Built-in monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.
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