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OCR camera portal for fast and accurate registration of trucks and containers

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Camco’s Gate Automation Solution enables terminals to automatically capture and process container data and at the same time obtain high-resolution images for condition recording of trucks and cargo. With unmatched speed and accuracy, the OCR camera portal scans all in- and outbound trucks and trailers. The system automatically detects and reads container numbers, ISO codes, trailer numbers, license plates, chassis numbers, IMDG dangerous goods labels, door direction, container position on chassis, and container state (full or empty). The generated quality pictures are stored for damage claims management.

Proven statistics such as a throughput of 10 m/s, capacity of up to 500 truck passages per hour, processing time of less than three seconds per passage and the highest OCR accuracy rates on the market, clarify why our portal is perceived as the industry standard.

Camco’s in-house developed OCR camera portal is designed to operate outdoor in the harsh environments of ports and terminals. The cameras are based on line scan and area scan technology and contain only thoroughly tested and industrial-grade components. The area scan cameras are used to capture pictures of the truck and container’s front and back, including license plate. The line scan cameras capture pictures of the truck and container’s left, right and top side. Images are built up, one line at a time, using a line sensor where the object passes in a linear motion under the sensor. This technology results in very truthful high resolution images.

As the OCR camera portal uses only a strict minimum of equipment, the installation is swift, the power supply minimal, and maintenance and support limited.

The OCR camera portal is highly reliable, completely solid state and fully redundant.

Area scan of container rear door

High throughput

Thanks to its extremely fast processing speed, a single camera portal can handle up to 500 trucks per hour. Typically, one or two portals are installed in front of the gate lanes. The OCR portal is based on spot line triggering meaning that all pictures are taken on one virtual line. Combined with the fast processing, this concept allows almost bumper to bumper traffic and does not require traffic throttling solutions such as speed bumps, traffic lights or barriers.

Quality images and excellent OCR accuracy rates

Camco’s OCR camera portal is known for its unparalleled image quality and excellent OCR accuracy rates, with a guaranteed container code OCR accuracy rate of at least 98%. Customers are welcome to check and validate these accuracy percentages using Camco’s open and straightforward auditing system.

Key Features
  • Handles a non-stop truck flow at up 10 m/s.
  • Processes up to 500 truck passages per hour.
  • Full processing in less than three seconds per passage.
  • Highest OCR accuracy rates in the market (>98%).
  • Supports all container types and combinations.
  • Supports intermodal, non-ISO container and trailer numbers.
  • Supports US chassis numbers.
  • Supports load type, position and door direction.
  • Redundant by design.
  • Produces tamper-proof, certified high resolution images.
  • Embedded time and location tags.
  • No inductive loops needed.
  • Low energy LED-based smart illumination system.
  • Small footprint.
  • Seamless interaction and integration with local TOS or other host system.


With more than 150 installations around the globe this solution is proven technology. Camco’s powerful OCR systems are flexible and modular, and help terminal operators accelerate gate throughput while minimizing truck processing time. Its extremely high OCR accuracy rates allow a very fast ROI as less operator interventions are required.

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