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Complement your gate automation with Camco's real-time truck appointment system

Vehicle Booking System

Camco’s Vehicle Booking System (VBS) or Truck Appointment System (TAS) allows terminal operators to organize the receival and dispatching of shipping containers at landside. Using the VBS web application, terminals can set quota and time slots for gate transactions to distribute container drop-off and pick-up throughout the day.

Trucking companies or hauliers on their turn, need a VBS account to create appointments to drop and collect their containers at the terminal. After picking a time slot, they register the truck and container(s), and provide the details requested by the terminal. The truck appointment details are validated against the Terminal Operating System in real-time. Hauliers can access the VBS 24 hours a day to update their appointments.

When truck drivers arrive for their appointment at the terminal, the physical data is checked against the terminal data. As the visit and loading info are pre-registered, drivers will gain precious time.

The VBS comes with a mobile app targeted to truck drivers. Using the app, they can follow up on their container drop-off/pick-up job list, check container status info, receive notifications regarding congestions, navigation …


  • Terminals can better manage in- and outgoing volumes and ensure optimal truck turnaround times.
  • Terminals will see higher throughput and efficiency at the truck gates.
  • Truck drivers and hauliers will see shorter truck turnaround times, better time-management and more accurate data.
  • Truck drivers and hauliers will see fewer mistaken or ’empty’ trips (no container).
  • Truck drivers will experience reduced truck administration processes at the truck gates.
  • With the mobile app truck drivers can get an overview of their appointments and check for container status info.

Pre-Announcement System

Container terminals that do not impose truck appointments can alternatively use Camco’s VBS as a Pre-Announcement System to gather truck visit data ahead of time. In this setup, hauliers or truck drivers simply pre-register their truck visit and loading data before arriving at the terminal, without linking it to a time slot. When used in combination with the immediate and accurate validation via Camco’s OCR systems at the terminal entrance, the pre-announcement system becomes a very powerful tool for container terminals.



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