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The last quarter has been very busy. Our project and project support team (OCR) have spent many US time-zone hours in the final stretch to finalise a series of projects across the USA. From system check-ups over upgrades to new systems commissioning. Some projects with our Remprex partners, other projects for direct Camco clients. If you are accustomed to the container terminal industry, you will understand some terminals are reluctant to disclose the automation projects. But sometimes, the feedback from our Belgian project managers abroad is worth sharing.

So, here is the story of Tom De Haeseleer, Project Manager, AKA McGyver, AKA the Camco Swiss Army Knife.


“I travelled to the US mid-September to complete a series of projects. Sometimes teaming up with the local client, sometimes with REMPREX technicians or contractors. All very nice people. And of course, you don’t talk politics ?.  I got a lot of help and support of the project support team (OCR) for fine-tuning cameras and systems probably late into the evenings and often during the week-ends since I was working 7/7.  I witnessed a very peculiar situation in American politics with probably one of the most remarkable presidential elections in history. From September till November media covered just one topic. It feels strange when you are driving in area’s where people start boarding-up windows and doors fearing violence or looting. I was always at ease, tensions never high, but I will never forget. And it was my first Thanksgiving in the US. I can check than one too. I was also very surprised to experience the different approach in COVID-19 prevention. Traveling from Europe with lock-downs and very restricted mobility. Some states and counties impose similar restrictions, others none at all. Flight restrictions allowed me to travel by car and discover some states where I never would have been in normal times, driving through the bible belt and states like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas. That is where I think I got an overdose of Country Music. Still recovering. With some help of the War on Drugs and Royal Blood ;-).

Greetz from the US and a very, very big thank you for all your help and everyone involved in these challenging projects! I have one more exciting project to do in Chicago, but it’s so cold over there, the air has frozen solid!

Waiting for Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer for traveling back. Have a nice holiday season! See you soon!”

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