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Engineered solutions, fully tailored to your terminal and operations

Design, simulation and analysis services

Together with the terminal operator, Camco can review terminal automation design plans and projects in order to maximize them.

  • Processes: Our experts can provide a detailed analysis and review of your current terminal operations and processes. The improvements that are proposed, are often a combination of modifications to current processes and the introduction of new technologies (OCR camera systems, Gate Operating System, Crane OCR cameras, PDS, …).
  • Layout plans: Our engineers can also work with you to design and review your terminal layout plans. Early involvement during the design phase can prevent design mistakes (incorrect positioning of the OCR camera portals, kiosks, barriers, …), and consequently avoid costly infrastructure works when the system is effectively being built.

Camco can assist operators in establishing clear and correct technical, functional and operational requirements and specifications, outlining and recognizing possible risk factors, defining realistic objectives and budgets.

Our engineering department uses advanced software tools to create simulations and drawings, including iGrafx to build and define business flow charts and AutoCAD/Inventor for technical drawings.

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