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Understanding the value of project management, implementation and user training

Project management skills for greenfield projects and operational terminals

Our project managers are trained and experienced in managing complex terminal automation projects, for both greenfield terminals and fully operational terminals. They combine a broad knowledge of hardware and software systems with industry best practices, and personal past experience. Automation projects for greenfield terminals require a different approach and implementation than those for operational terminals. In operational terminals, new technology has to be phased in gradually opposed to greenfields where everything has to work from day one.

In complex greenfield projects, Camco delivers software test platforms long before the physical installation of the infrastructure is effectively taking place. Test scenarios are defined and executed on the test platforms together with the customer and/or TOS supplier. The missing links are replaced with simulators for OCR portals, TOS and kiosks. This approach allows to thoroughly test all software applications and interfaces in a lab environment, reducing the need to test everything after the physical installation which is more costly and time consuming. It offers all parties involved the focus and peace-of-mind that makes a project execution a smooth an operation as possible.

TOS migrations

Customers planning to migrate to a new Terminal Operating System while keeping their current gate infrastructure and equipment can request Camco to provide assistance in their TOS migration project.

Infrastructure and civil works

Our engineers will work closely together with the local project staff and other contractors to produce a detailed Infrastructure Engineering Document outlining all infrastructure, construction, electrical, data and IT hardware requirements and specifications. Once approved by all parties, it will serve as the basic scenario that Camco will follow during the execution of the infrastructural aspects of the project. This way of working allows all parties to exactly know what is expected and what to expect from each other, preventing costly errors and time-consuming discussions afterwards.

System integration

The success of a gate system implementation greatly depends on its successful integration with other systems, such as the Terminal Operating System, Access Control system and Customs. Camco will therefore provide a Business Process Engineering Document that outlines the detailed process flows of the complete gate operation, the various GOS software modules used, as well as the various data formats and protocols used to interface with the other terminal host systems to ensure a seamless data integration.

Security, health and safety

Camco takes health and safety of its own employees as well as local project people very seriously. Our project managers spend significant time to ensure that Camco complies with the local health, safety and environmental regulations. On top of that Camco invests significantly in training of its own installation engineers to safely operate equipment such as forklifts and height platforms, and risk assessments and method statements.

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