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Swift maintenance service, remote monitoring tools, effective support services

As Camco’s automation systems become an essential part of your business and may have an immediate impact on your terminal’s overall productivity, it is vital that they are properly maintained and that problems are swiftly resolved. Our support and maintenance services include:

  • 24/7 remote support: Our well-trained and dedicated support team provides 24/7 remote support. Using advanced remote monitoring tools, support engineers can proactively detect, diagnose and repair defects and problems relating to all core and critical hardware and software systems.  Our systems have built-in alert mechanisms: when cameras, printers or card readers under-achieve, automatic alerts are sent to our site monitoring system.
  • Problem tracking ticketing system: Camco Support uses a problem tracking ticketing system to follow up on problem tickets and keep customers posted.
  • On-site maintenance visits: Yearly preventive maintenance visits ensure that all equipment remains in optimal condition. Field Service Engineers perform on-site system audits to ensure optimal performance and to clean the necessary parts.

By combining remote monitoring with dedicated support resources and preventive maintenance, Camco offers very strict Service Levels.

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