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Container terminals: Increasing throughput, quality and safety while reducing operational costs

As leading technology company in innovative terminal automation solutions, Camco provides optimization of gate, rail, crane and yard operations. A typical automation solution for container terminals combines and integrates Camco’s in-house developed hardware and software systems. This ensures fast and accurate processing of containers – at terminal entry and exit as well as during handling – with limited use of resources.

OCR Camera Portals

The speed, accuracy and reliability of Camco’s OCR camera portal make the introduction and maintenance of our gate automation systems very cost-effective. Each portal can process up to 500 trucks per hour, with OCR accuracy rates continuously exceeding 98%. A set of quality pictures is generated for condition tracking purposes.  Read more >>

Gate Kiosks

Gate kiosks are used in terminals with a truck driver ID card system to allow centralized driver identification and validation, as well as automatic logging of all drivers on-site. These unmanned self-service kiosks are typically installed at terminal entry and exit points, near the OCR camera portal. Read more >>

Truck Driver ID Card

The truck driver ID card is a prerequisite for a successful implementation of a gate automation system. An RFID card is the perfect token to accurately track and follow trucks on a terminal. The same card system can furthermore be used as access control system to comply with ISPS rules. Read more >>

LPR Readers

Optimize terminal access control with Camco’s accurate and swift LPR and ANPR systems, which allow you to control and track every one entering and leaving your terminal. Read more >>

LSTP / Grid Kiosks

Our industry standard LSTP / grid kiosk systems enable terminals to provide interactive interchange areas that are safe, efficient and user-friendly. This communication channel between truck driver and remote ASC operator will lead to fewer mistakes and misinterpretations. Read more >> 

Gate Operating System

Camco’s Gate Operating System can manage and steer complete gate processes and sub-processes. It consists of multiple software modules: partly customer specific software developments and partly generic building blocks customized through configuration. GOS seamlessly interfaces with any terminal’s host and TOS systems. Read more >>
Rail OCR

Vehicle Booking System

Complement your gate automation with Camco’s real-time Vehicle Booking System or Truck Appointment System. Assign and book time slots to better manage the container volumes entering and leaving your terminal. Pre-registration of truck and cargo data will greatly improve speed and accuracy at the truck gates.


BoxCatcher Crane OCR

In recent years, terminal operators started investing in OCR solutions for quay side cranes.  Camco’s patented BoxCatcher system accurately identifies containers during loading and discharge, without interrupting normal crane operations or slowing down operations. Read more >>


Empower your Rail Mounted Gantry cranes with OCR technology for automatic identification and registration of container data during RMG crane operations. Camco’s RMG-CAM system supports crane OCR for day and night operations, without interrupting normal crane operations.


Rail OCR

Rail OCR

Camco’s rail OCR portal collects container and railcar data using OCR and records damage inspection images using line scan technology. Rail clerks perform post-processing of the data with the TrainGate Operator. Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is instantly sent to the TOS, ultimately improving train turnaround times. Read more >>

Micro Location Technology

Camco’s MLT solution measures the position of any container or container handling equipment on your terminal and can be applied to improve operational efficiency. It’s based on a combination of UWB distance ranging, DGPS and INS, and is highly accurate. Read more >>

Traffic Control System

To achieve optimal traffic flow and accurate access control, Camco can deploy an automated traffic control system including traffic lights, barriers, LPR readers and traffic guidance panels. The reliable, all weather traffic and access control hardware is managed by Camco’s proprietary Gate Operating System (GOS). The GOS software module for automated traffic control can be customized to suit each terminal’s needs.
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