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With more than 230 container terminal references in all continents, Camco is the global leader in the automation of the container handover process. The Camco gate automation as well as AI-technology based truck, rail and crane OCR solutions are globally acknowledged as the best performing on the market. Mr. Erkan Belek, Country Manager Turkey, explains the region’s strategic role in the expansion of Camco Technologies.


Erkan Belekis quite confident of the strategic location of his market. “Turkey is at the crossroads connecting the East and the West. With a total coastline of 8,333 kilometers, Turkey links the Balkans, the Black Sea, Caucasian, the Caspian, Central Asian, Middle Eastern and the Northern African countries. It is really no surprise that there are almost 200 ports. And 27 of Turkish ports are classified as container ports. Currently, the country is building three ports in three big seas, including Çandarlı Port in İzmir on the Aegean Sea, Filyos Port in Zonguldak in the Black Sea and the Taşucu Container Port in Mersin on the Mediterranean Sea “. Erkan Belek is looking beyond COVID-19 “A lot of investments have been put on hold, but with the pandemic finally starting to get under control, we expect projects to kick off again from the second-year half, not only in the maritime container transport, but also in the intermodal business”.

Intermodal growth.
For Erkan, the Trans-Caspian East-West-Middle Corridor Initiative also known as the Middle Corridor will also revive the ancient Silk Road.” This initiative will create new transport routes to connect East Asia to Europe. With the Turkey Logistic Master Plan, the government aims at increasing the share of railway transportation, which is more economical and reduces the time of transportation of the final products to the consumption market. Finally, Turkey is also building 21 logistics centers, of which 10 have been completed, that will serve to lower the costs of transportation by offering various modes of transportation connecting these centers. From all these initiatives, we see that the Turkish government is committed to invests in transport infrastructure and achieve growth in the logistics sector. Also, the major logistics associations are developing strategies for sustainable growth. Many parties are involved, so investments are not dependent of a single party”

Improving operation efficiency through automation
The growth of private as well as public investments in the logistics industry offers multiple opportunities for Camco Technologies. Erkan: “With an enviable track record of more than 230 references in terminal automation, we are convinced our insights and automation solutions can create shareholder value. Our gate automation systems which include our truck photo gate and terminal access kiosks have become one of the cornerstones of terminal automation: registering all in- and outbound traffic of trucks, containers and trailers provides the core dataset for the Terminal Operator System to control terminal access and organize terminal operations. This is usually the first step in an automation upgrade of an existing process, providing quick wins and a clear view of what comes in and goes out. Depending of the organization of the yard processes, we then offer LSTP kiosk solutions for the container transfer zones where containers are being transferred from the truck to the stacking cranes or vice versa. In deep sea container terminals, our Ship-to Shore crane OCR solutions register every box when loaded or unloaded on a container vessel. With the best exception rates available on the market, our BoxCatcher STS-crane OCR system combines speed with accuracy.

Intermodal automation

Faster gate turnaround with VBS
In Intermodal terminals, our Vehicle Booking System, gate automation, RMG crane OCR and rail OCR are meeting automation demands of the increasing container traffic by rail & road. The Vehicle Booking System is beneficial for the terminal, for the trucking companies as well as for the truck drivers. By applying the VBS or truck appointment system, the terminal is able to gather visit data upfront and better organize gate flow, avoiding gate congestion during peak hours. The VBS offers less hassle for the trucking companies allowing a better fleet management. Last but not least, for the truck driver, VBS allows to speed up the registration process at the gate, improving truck turn around. VBS and gate automation are really intertwined.

Start processing trains faster with Rail OCR
The rail OCR portal is another value creating technology. The rail OCR allows a fast inventory of complete in- and outbound trains. The portal not only registers the containers and semi-trailers, but also railcars. Each hardware solution comes with an intuitive exception handling application which can be used remotely.With precise cargo data available in just a couple of minutes,  processing the train can start faster, improving train turnaround and increasing the number of trains being processed within a time frame.

Technology for improved customer experience
Camco Technologies offers a holistic approach to terminal automation. Erkan Belek: “With a thorough understanding of the terminal processes, and based on the expertise from terminals across the globe, we are able to improve terminal efficiency, impacting customer satisfaction and ultimately bottom-line. We are convinced our solutions will contribute to the competitiveness of Turkish terminals, just as it does know for many years at the Atlas Ambarli Liman Terminal, near Istanbul.

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