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29th of June, Camco Technologies was invited to speak about Deep Learning OCR technology at the forum “Port Infrastructure: New Construction, Modernization, Operation” in Moscow.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport, and the Association of Commercial Sea Ports of Russia. 
A special session about Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) was included, and moderated by Pavel Polyakov, head of the Commercial and Legal Affairs Committee of the Association of Commercial Seaports of Russia.

Werner Peeters, Business Development Camco Technologies,  highlighted deep learning image recognition applications for automated container registration and damage registration using Truck, Ship-to-shore crane and Rail OCR  tefchnology. Altough the Russian port industry is not as actively implementing digital technologies as European terminals, there is a huge potential for our solid proven solutions in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbeijan and Mongolia.

Werner Peeters : “Camco Technologies is renowned for its highly performing OCR engines and has proven solutions serving over 250 terminals worldwide. In our constant striving to further increase the accuracy and performance of our systems, we are investing significantly in the continuous improvement of damage recognition on containers. Recognizing automatically all sort of damages on containers is a new area in smart port technology where deep learning may prove to be very useful”. 

Developing systems with deep learning functionality is a highly complex matter, needing extensive knowledge and expertise and requires a strong and solid architecture of software and hardware components. Camco’s 20 years of experience allows to get the maximum out of the combination of traditional OCR engines and Artificial Intelligence.

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