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Camco has recently installed a pair of moving BoxCatcher Crane OCR cameras including a washing station, at a container terminal in the North of Germany.

The automatic front cover cleaning will ensure image quality and reduce service interventions.

This video demonstrates the washing station.

Automatic front cover cleaning when image quality fades will reduce service interventions.

As Camco’s BoxCatcher cameras are used in harsh maritime environments, preventive service and maintenance is key. For easy access, the BoxCatcher camera can be redirected down to its maintenance position. When in service mode, the BoxCatcher front cover can be easily lifted and accessed by a certified technician. If needed, components can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

Indeed, the BoxCatcher plug-and-play design enables easy access and replacement of its eight internal devices without tools. But dirt on the front cover can blur pictures decreasing OCR performance. Depending on local conditions, the screen needs to be cleaned regularly requiring human intervention.

About the BoxCatcher washing station: To limit downtime from maintenance interventions, GEN3+ BoxCatchers can be equipped with a patent-pending Washing Station module, mounted just above the maintenance position. This optional cleaning device is automatically activated when image quality becomes poor, without interfering with BoxCatcher normal operation. When dust, sand or other dirt deteriorates image quality, depending on the front cover dirtiness, a blower will be triggered to dust off the screen or water sprinklers will jet water while the remaining droplets will be blown off, ensuring crystal sharp pictures. Once the water reservoir empty, it is easily replaced, allowing safe refills of empty reservoirs in the terminal services facility.

Also in wet climates the Washing Station proves its value as rain droplets may distort image quality. The Washing Station’s blower will remove the droplets from the front cover after each shower, without activating the water spray nozzle system, saving water and unnecessary reservoir refills. An antifreeze water mixture in the reservoir will ensure operations even below-zero weather conditions.

Depending on local conditions, the automated Washing Station allows reducing the manual cleaning frequency with up to 90% compared to BoxCatchers without Washing Stations.

In the standard BoxCatcher Washing Station configuration, the blower is activated every two days to dust off the front cover or to remove water droplets. The spraying nozzles are activated every seven days for a full wash of the front and side screen. When picture quality starts deteriorating, the washing station is activated automatically. Finally, the system can be activated manually.

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