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Leuven/Luxembourg – 4 Dec 2017. Camco Technologies, leader in innovative visual and micro-location based process automation solutions for terminals and ports, today announced the successful implementation of a comprehensive automation project for CFL’s new intermodal terminal and logistics park in Luxembourg. The project includes the automated processing of rail freight, container trucks and semi-trailers on the terminal. Furthermore, it involves an integrated access control system for CFL’s Eurohub South park, including the intermodal terminal, logistics park, warehouse and future secured truck stop.

“We are honored that CFL Group decided to partner with us,” says Anton Bernaerd, Business Development Director at Camco Technologies. “The Luxembourg intermodal terminal is strategically located at the heart of Europe and functions as a primary hub for multimodal transport flows. Camco’s process automation solutions will contribute to the efficient identification, registration and processing of all incoming and outgoing traffic whether by rail, truck, car or foot. This will enhance the productivity, performance and safety, not only on the intermodal terminal but also on the adjacent logistics park and secured truck stop.”

Intermodal Terminal: gate automation and access control

The new combined terminal is located at the Eurohub South, next to the marshalling yard, and targets the transfer of shipments from road to rail, and vice versa. It includes parking and handling services for containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers to be transferred to/from trains. It has a surface of 33 ha, 2 gantry cranes, 4 combined rail tracks, 3 reach stackers, 3.425 TEU storage capacity, 2 rail motorway tracks, 840 semi-trailer parking spots.

“Innovation is key,” explains Peter Van der Jeugd, Deputy General Director CFL multimodal. “The high-performing infrastructure is based on advanced technologies, such as the LOHR rail technology used on the rail motorway platform to transfer non-craneable semi-trailers, the electronic weighing system, the semi-automated portal cranes as well as the fully automated security and access controls based on Camco’s terminal automation solutions.”

Anton Bernaerd continues: “Camco’s Gate Automation System combines OCR and LPR cameras, smart card technology and unmanned driver kiosks to allow registered drivers and personnel to swiftly access and exit the CFL terminal gates.”

More in particular, CFL’s intermodal terminal’s main gate and side gates have been equipped with Camco’s OCR camera portals, processing truck and container data and capturing images for condition recording. In the subsequent gate lanes, driver kiosks and LPR technology are installed to validate all data and present drop and pick-up zone. Continuous communication with the Interman TOS supplied by B. Rekencentra ensures correct and timely decisions for smooth terminal operations.

Automatic processing of rail freight

The combined terminal processes up to 28 freight trains per day, handling the transfer of shipments from road to rail. All freight trains pass via a Camco-designed Rail OCR Portal enabling automated identification, inspection and inventory of rail freight and wagons. To ensure that all railway vehicles and their loads comply with specific dimensions and are thus suited for particular rail transport routes, Camco Technologies has installed an innovative loading gauge system.

Access control to logistics park, warehouse, intermodal terminal & secured truck stop

To ensure that only authorized visitors and personnel are allowed to access specific areas of Eurohub South, Camco Technologies has implemented an integrated security and access control system.
Anton Bernaerd explains: “CFL was looking for an integrated solution to protect and control access to different premises including the intermodal terminal, logistics park, multimodal warehouse and future secured truck stop. The technology of Camco’s ACS is based on a common Mifare card system, and includes security kiosks, traffic barriers and turnstiles.” The system allows CFL to set refined user access permissions, for regular and non-regular visitors, suppliers and staff, visiting specific areas.

Secured Truck Stop

In the coming months, CFL will build an advanced secured truck stop for terminal customers and users of the Eurohub South logistics park. It will offer a parking capacity for 400 trucks and trailers, as well as sanitary, petrol and truck cleaning facilities. Camco Technologies will provide the necessary security, access control and payment terminals.

About Camco Technologies: Camco Technologies is the leading technology company in innovative terminal automation solutions and services. Camco contributes to the overall productivity, performance and safety on container, intermodal and rail terminals delivering high-end visual and micro-location based Process Automation Solutions. For exception-free automated handover processes, terminals benefit from Camco’s advanced engineered solutions: OCR truck & rail portals, crane OCR systems, driver kiosks, LandSide Transfer Point kiosks at terminal interchange zones, Micro Location Technology, and seamless overall integration with TOS providers.

About CFL multimodal: The brand name CFL multimodal stands for a global service provider, covering the entire logistics chain. With 13 companies in 6 European countries, CFL multimodal remains a locally anchored partner, always in close contact with the customers. Luxembourg‘s leading intermodal transport provider offers a broad, high-quality and personalised service portfolio: combined and conventional rail freight, wagon maintenance and repairs, customs clearance, as well as forwarding and logistics services. The ideal geographic location of the Bettembourg Intermodal Terminal at the heart of Europe positions CFL multimodal and its 1,200 employees as a central logistics hub, offering regular connections to the ports of the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea and Southern Europe.

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