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BoxCatcher: Full crane OCR solution.

Catching every box. Every time.

BoxCatcher camera for full crane OCR

Camco’s patented BoxCatcher camera system accurately identifies containers during loading and discharge, without interrupting or slowing down crane operations. Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is instantly sent to the TOS, ultimately improving vessel turnaround time. This advanced crane OCR solution provides full crane OCR, covering container ID, ISO code, seal presence, IMDG label and door direction.

BoxCatcher Generation 3: Concept

When installed as a moving camera unit on a dynamic rail, the BoxCatcher can follow the container’s flight path in real time, while the container is loaded or discharged. It will autonomously travel vertically to the optimal position to capture the swiftly passing container. To capture images of both the container short and long sides, and to support varying container sizes, configurations and distances, the BoxCatcher uses a combination of 12MP and 4MP global shutter cameras.

Lighting conditions

Built-in LED light projectors ensure appropriate (on demand) lighting conditions. The BoxCatcher automatically compensates for the container swing during operations.

Crane Operator Application

Operators can use the Crane Operator application for further exception handling in case the OCR data confidence levels are low. They can correct specific fields before committing the data to the TOS.


  • No constrained spreader path. The quay crane driver is free to operate the crane in the most optimal way, taking into account container weight and balance, container position, tide, wind, safety rules, lashing sequence, etc.
  • Sharp images in any condition and at any container traveling speed.
  • Full crane OCR: container ID, ISO code, seal presence, IMDG label presence/classification, container door direction.
  • Easily accessible home position allows for safe and easy maintenance.
  • One-fit-all solution with support for various container configurations: single, tandem, 20′, 30′, 40′, 45′.
  • Safe and accurate registration of physical container data. Alternative to physical checker.
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