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DP World Antwerp Gateway terminal automation

Located in the port of Antwerp in Belgium, Antwerp Gateway is renowned by its customers for its unrivaled productivity in Europe, advanced technology and outstanding intermodal connectivity. Camco Technologies has automated DP Word Antwerp Gateway gate, quay as well as yard operations.

Investing in automation to boost efficiency and capacity.

DP World Antwerp Gateway is a 2.8 million TEU capacity terminal with 10-STS cranes and a hybrid AS-crane / straddle carrier operated yard. Investments are made to boost capacity up to 3.4 million TEU by 2025.

This will be achieved by means of extensive automation, improving efficiency and maximizing the currently available space.

Increasing capacity through automation

Camco Technologies has automated gate, yard as well as quay operations

Pre-gate and gate

  • Vehicle Booking System software for upfront booking registration and including the VBS mobile app supporting the truck driver community
  • Truck OCR for accurate truck and container registration
  • Pre-gate and gate registration kiosks with traffic control hardware
  • Self service kiosks for truck driver registration
  • Gate Operating System software suite

Quay operations

  • BoxCatcher STS-crane OCR, including Crane Operating System
  • Precise straddle carrier alignment under the STS-crane based on RTLS technology
  • Straddle Carrier anti-collision software using RTLS technology

Yard operation

  • LSTP kiosks for container transfer in the Straddle Carrier and ASC-crane exchange zones
  • Location-technology based Straddle Carrier tracking and tracing

Start increasing capacity and efficiency through automation

Contact us for information on the DP World Antwerp Gateway terminal automation project. We will be happy to share insights for improved operations.