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Designed for inland terminals and logistic operations, the light-weight portal is a high-performance solution offering accurate registration of trucks, containers and semitrailers. The plug-and-play portal can be unboxed and installed in just one day.

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Plug & Play OCR Truck Portal

Inland terminals do not operate under harsh conditions typical for maritime environments. Our Intermodal Truck Portal responds to the need for a fast-deployable, easy-maintenance and value-for-money truck and container registration system.

Stand-alone or as part of a gate automation solution, the Intermodal Truck Portal seamlessly integrates with other terminal hosts systems, such as Gate and Terminal Operating System, access control systems, or even Vehicle Booking Systems.

Light-weight, heavy-duty camera portal

Specially designed to meet the needs of the inland terminal, logistic parks, or railway companies, our intermodal truck portal can be deployed within 24 hours, even in the smallest plot.

  • Dynamic drive-through (up to 30mph)
  • Snap-on cameras with embedded AI computer
  • Integrated controller
  • Highest OCR/OFR accuracy in the market
  • Full Argus Automated Damage Inspection
  • Unboxed and installed in just 1 day
  • Small footprint
  • Cloud-ready
  • Easy maintenance for maximum uptime

Best-In-Class OCR results

Camco Technologies is the global leader in container terminal and intermodal automation. Our pioneering AI image recognition has contributed to best-in-class OCR/ OFR applications with the lowest manual exception handling rates.

An extensive data set of readings can be retrieved from the OCR/OFR portal. Selecting the required data impacting the process flow is key to keeping the flow of gate operations.

Optical Character Recognition OCR readings

Camco’s Truck OCR camera portal is known for its unparalleled image quality and excellent OCR/OFR accuracy rates, with a guaranteed container code OCR accuracy rate of at least 98%.

OCR readings

  • Container number & ISO code
  • Container weight & capacity info
  • IMDG label presence & class
  • Truck License Plate Recognition
  • Chassis number & tare weight
  • Trailer & ILU number
  • Trailer yellow plate
  • Trailer rear license plate
  • Enhanced tank identification

Optical Feature Recognition OFR readings

The Camco intelligent camera has been trained for automated checks and measurements of truck, trailer, and container physical characteristics using deep-learning image processing algorithms.

OFR readings

  • Container door orientation
  • Cargo classification
  • Container position on chassis
  • Tank bar & valve present
  • Seal presence and class
  • GENSET presence
  • Wheel & axle configuration
  • Automated damage inspection

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Start automating your truck, container, or semi-trailer registration. Take a leap toward digital transformation. Contact us for more insights on fast-deployable and high-performance camera portals for inland terminals, railway companies, or logistic parks.