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Automating the container hand-over process

As the world-leading provider of container terminal automation solutions, we have acquired extensive know-how in the gate, yard, rail, and quay operations.

Our portfolio of AI-based image recognition, track & trace as well as kiosk registration solutions provides essential data to significantly improve terminal operations.

Our software applications make life easier for all stakeholders involved in the container-transfer processes: from truck drivers and gate clerks to terminal directors.

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The industry reference in vision-based gate automation solutions

Being a long-term partner for the marine and railroad industry, Camco Technologies offers a unique combination high-class products, high-end engineering and high-value expertise of terminal and gate operations. Our systems include kiosks and OCR portals, managed by our proprietary Gate Operating Systems (GOS), who in its turn seamlessly interfaces with any TOS. Finally, we lead the class in the development of next-level software solutions that integrate your complete gate automation environment into your global operations.

Truck tire inspection portal

Prevent fraud caused by unwanted replacement of new tires for worn tires. The Camco tire inspection portal keeps track of tire profile of terminal owned chassis. Matching tire profile with chassis mileage will automatically detect fraud caused by unwanted replacement of new tires.

Under Vehicle Scan

Increase safety op operations. Prevent fraud. Expand your gate automation solution with the Camco Under Vehicle scan and check for anomalies hidden under the truck and trailer undercarriage.

Gate Operating System

The Camco proprietary GOS software suite is specially designed to manage and steer the diverse gate processes and sub-processes used in modern container and intermodal terminal operations.

Every container terminal is different

Our client portfolio covers al continents. Some clients are all set with a single truck camera portal for container registration. In a next automation step, adoption of a gate system helps to pick low-hanging fruit in the roadmap to digitization.

In greenfield projects for fully automated terminals, all our expertise blends together in digital-twin solutions allowing real-time monitoring and predictive analysis of terminal processes.

Tell us about your project. We are eager to share our insights and to help you in accessing the next level of process optimization.

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Check out how we helped our clients achieve their automation goals. With more than 280 clients in all major maritime and inland terminals, we have so many insights we’d like to share with you.
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