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Camco’s RMG-CAM system automatically captures, identifies, and registers containers during handling by RMG cranes.

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Providing accurate data for the automation of rail- and landside operations

Our RMG-CAM OCR/OFR camera has been designed to increase efficiency in rail- and landside operations. The RMG-CAM camera system automatically captures, identifies, and registers all containers during operations under the cantilever Rail Mounted Gantry cranes.

Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is instantly sent to the TOS, ultimately improving operational efficiency. Since OCR/OFR read rates are the highest available today, operator exception jobs are kept to a minimum.

Camco’s RMG-CAM crane OCR solution is engineered to be reliable, highly available, and easy to maintain.

Day and night operations

The RMG-CAM system supports crane OCR for day and night operations. The intelligent camera captures high-res images of the container’s short sides. Data formerly registered manually by tallymen under the crane are now automatically captured, greatly enhancing safety.

A typical setup is based on one pair of high-end industrial high-speed cameras fixed onto the RMG crane legs. With unobstructed views toward the container’s flight path, the cameras will capture images of each passing container’s front and rear.

To support 24/7 operations in all weather conditions, the cameras are equipped with built-in LED light projectors which produce optimal on-demand light conditions.

Camco AI-image recognition technology

Dedicated software engines, based on convolutional neural networks and OCR/OFR technology, immediately start processing after image acquisition.

All standard container sizes are supported (20/40/45ft), as each camera uses a combination of two state-of-the-art 16MP global shutter cameras, designed to capture fast-moving objects, traveling at high speed.

Processed container data include the

  • Container ID and ISO code
  • Seal presence
  • Door direction
  • Dangerous goods labels.

Crane Operator Software

Operators can use the web-based Crane Operator Application for further exception handling.

Processing OCR correction jobs is easy. Operators can validate data based on high-resolution container images. Exceptions are defined per customer. Examples are incorrect or missing container numbers, exceptions relating to sealing presence, and dangerous goods labels.

As the number of exceptions is limited, a single operator can be assigned to multiple cranes.

Start automating your yard operations

Contact us for more insights on how reading in- and outgoing containers during RMG-crane operations can help improve terminal operations. We are looking forward to getting you on the right track to digital transformation.