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RT Digital Twin is Camco's virtual mirror of your complete terminal. A real-time digital representation of all assets and associated processes and systems, RT Digital Twin is the ultimate automation step for process analysis, optimization and simulation.

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Smart Ports

RT Digital Twin is the Camco digital presentation of all assets and containers in a container terminal including all associated processes and systems. A virtual mirror of the complete terminal, RT Digital Twin is a real-time and detailed status of all terminal operations.

Paving the way for process optimization and preventive maintenance, RT Digital Twin also provides significant foresight and planning knowledge through predictive analysis.

Allowing simulations of sophisticated process changes difficult or not possible to reconstruct in the real terminal, RT Digital Twin is a valuable tool to tweak actual processes or support operational changes.

Eventually, RT Digital Twin will help to minimize operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, optimize revenues, and even generate new revenue streams.

Process analysis

The RT Digital Twin virtual terminal takes in data at every container touchpoint provided from

  • Camco camera-based technology
  • Camco RTLS-based technology
  • Camco registration interfaces, like kiosks and VMT's
  • Camco software applications: VBS, The Bridge User Interface, Vessel Bay-Load Verification
  • Performance statistics and maintenance status from CHE
  • Other terminal IoT sources
  • Data from third parties: BAPLIE Bay-Plan, freight forwarders etc.

With instant data available, a terminal operator can monitor end-to-end container tracking, CHE fleet management services and can supervise the workforce in the field.

Improved accuracy also leads to a reduction in failures of container movements by cranes and operatives – reducing energy usage and a port’s overall carbon footprint.

The result is more accurate and pinpointed loading and unloading times, for example, creating faster truck and ship turnaround times.

Preventive maintenance and increased safety.

With IoT sensors installed measuring, mapping, and providing data from assets like cranes, yard equipment, or terminal facilities, RT Digital Twin provides port operatives with knowledge of upcoming maintenance needs: failing equipment or parts performing under design thresholds are being flagged before faults occur.

Maintenance engineers can assess the health of equipment without having to perform manual inspections, increasing safety for operators.

Predictive analysis: real-time data-based simulation.

Camco's RT Digital Twin is based on the intake of real-time terminal data compared to traditional simulations, increasing the accuracy of simulations.

Virtual scenarios can be recreated with different truck flows, gates, cranes, or CHE configurations: how is a different crane or even yard configuration impacting capacity, safety, or vessel turnaround? Alternative process changes can be simulated and compared without having to reconstruct the changes in a real-world environment and without disrupting operations or increasing risks.

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Improve operations and increase terminal efficiency. Start monitoring real-world operations in a digital mirror of your terminal, optimize processes and make optimization decisions based on Camco's RT Digital Twin, rather than using physical tests disrupting operations. Contact us for more information on RT Digital Twin.

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