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The concept behind automation is to streamline integrated processes with minimal operator involvement. Enter The Bridge, Camco's cloud-based, all-in-one interface where gate, crane, and rail operating systems converge into a user-friendly platform, ensuring optimal visibility and manageability.

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Introducing a new, integrated way of working

In the past, GOS, rail OCR (ROS), RTLS, and Crane OCRs (COS) had different user interfaces. To enhance user experience and efficiency, Camco Technologies created The Bridge—a unified, web-based platform that connects all automation systems. This platform allows operators to efficiently manage and monitor their terminal on a single screen. The Bridge can handle multiple terminals simultaneously. Being web-based simplifies cybersecurity updates, and operators can manage it remotely, regardless of location or presence in the country.

The Bridge enables an operator to perform exception handling tasks under one platform, even on one computer screen.

A step forward for all levels of responsibility

The Bridge is not just a multiterminal system; it's a versatile platform. It functions as an operator exception handling tool, an analytics dashboard, a centralized hub for container images and data, and if needed, an interface for third-party solutions. In essence, it's an all-in-one user interface, empowering operators to monitor, adjust, and validate operations seamlessly. The industry response has been overwhelmingly positive, marking a significant shift from Camco's previous stand-alone systems. The Bridge unifies diverse systems into a single interface, enabling simultaneous insights across multiple terminals from any device. The web-based platform The Bridge is a tool for all levels of responsibility, from basic operators over supervisors up to the upper management.

The Bridge: step into the future

  • Cloud-based: access to information from any location, at any time
  • Multi-product: one interface for gate, rail, and crane operations with all tasks on one screen
  • Multi-location: connected to and monitoring operations in remote terminals
  • Multi-application: supports exception handling, archiving, and operational settings
  • Multi-level administration settings Customizable dashboards with real-time statistics and daily KPI reporting
  • Fine-grained role-based control, allowing the terminal to determine which operators can handle which exceptions or tasks

Take a giant leap forward

Step into the future. Make life easier for your operators. Gain efficiency and start implementing The Bridge, a single and comprehensive operator client. Contact us for a demo: