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Meet The Bridge, Camco's revolutionary user interface platform that redefines how we interact with automation.

09 January 2024

From basic operators to supervisors and upper management, The Bridge is your go-to tool for seamless integration. Say goodbye to siloed processes and hello to a unified experience that streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency.

But that's not all—The Bridge is more than a user interface; it's a game changer that provides comprehensive solutions for every level of responsibility.

Streamline your automation processes with a single, web-based platform that connects GOS, rail OCR, RTLS, and Crane OCRs seamlessly.

Manage and monitor any number of terminals and Camco installations from one screen, anytime, anywhere.

Fine-grained role-based control puts terminal operators in charge, allowing specific handling of exceptions and tasks for enhanced efficiency.

Find pictures and data of a specific container effortlessly with a single location for all your Camco camera systems.

Get real-time metrics and daily reports to keep your operations on track.

Security and access control are built-in, supporting the Camco Access Control System, Windows Active Directory, or Azure Active Directory.

Complete visibility of gate, crane, yard, and rail operations, providing insights into operator actions across your entire system.

Join the revolution! First users are raving about the transformation—breaking down silos and providing insights across terminals simultaneously.