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Camco’s patented BoxCatcher dynamic camera system for STS cranes accurately identifies containers during (un)loading, without slowing down crane operations. No box escapes the BoxCatcher.

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The first flying STS-crane OCR/OFR camera system

The patented BoxCatcher has been designed to increase efficiency in waterside operations. With its innovative design, the BoxCatcher is a unique STS crane OCR system with intelligent cameras traveling on vertical rails, mounted onto the crane legs.

Connected to the crane PLC, a single pair of cameras automatically travels to the spreader location, registering each container at the optimal location.

BoxCatcher captures key OCR data and 360° images without disrupting crane operations: there is no impact on the container’s flight path or the crane’s uptime.

Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is instantly sent to the TOS. Best-in-class OCR read rates keep operator exception jobs to a minimum.

Full STS-crane OCR with just 1 pair of BoxCatcher

The BoxCatcher Crane OCR/OFR solution uses a combination of 12MP and 4MP global shutter cameras, designed to capture fast-moving objects, traveling at 4.5 m/s.

The cameras instantly process the images and generate data as well as high-quality pictures. The generated data is interfaced via the Crane Operating System (COS) with the Terminal Operating System (TOS).

Our BoxCatcher dynamic camera system supports full-crane OCR/OFR - covering container ID, ISO code, seal presence, dangerous goods labels, and door direction - for day and night crane operations. It also generates high-res pictures for condition recording purposes - terminal operators can use these for better damage claims management.

Front and back reach operations, all configurations

The one-fits-all solution supports all possible container configurations: single, twin, tandem, quad, 20/40/45ft. To support 24/7 operations in all weather conditions, the cameras are equipped with built-in

LED-light projectors that produce optimal on-demand light conditions.

The Box-Catcher will autonomously compensate for the container swing during operations.

Patented STS-crane OCR-technology

The BoxCatcher is the first traveling camera in the industry. The break-through design features state-of-the-art technology:

  • High-end 18 MP cameras in 3 sets of 2 remote focusing and global shutter cameras. Every camera is embedded with AI image-recognition software for OCR/OFR data reading and also features Argus Automated Damage Inspection
  • 500 Watt LED + LED flash light controller
  • 180° Laser scanner
  • Energy transfer: cordless energy transfer between the Box-Catcher unit and rail system
  • Servomotor motor drive technology

Web-based crane operator application

Crane Operators can use the Crane Operator Application for exception handling. Processing OCR correction jobs is easy with this intuitive web-based application, where operators can validate data based on high-res container images.

Exceptions are defined for each customer: incorrect or missing container numbers, exceptions related to sealing presence, and dangerous goods labels. As the number of exceptions is limited, a single operator can be assigned to handle 6 up to 8 cranes, depending on the complexity of the crane operations.

Safe and easy maintenance

As Camco Technologies BoxCatcher cameras are used in harsh maritime environments, preventive service and maintenance are key.

For easy access, the BoxCatcher camera can be redirected down to its maintenance position.

When in service mode, the BoxCatcher front cover can be easily lifted and accessed by a certified technician. Due to its modular plug & play set-up, worn components can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

BoxCatcher Washing Station

To limit downtime from maintenance interventions, the BoxCatcher can be equipped with a Washing Station module. This optional cleaning device is automatically activated when the image quality becomes poor, and without interfering with the BoxCatcher's normal operation.

A built-in sensor measures the front cover's transparency.

When the image quality is deteriorated because of dust, sand, or other dirt particles, depending on the front cover dirtiness, a blower will be triggered to dust off the screen or water sprinklers will jet water while the remaining droplets will be blown off, ensuring crystal-clear pictures.

Smart STS-crane automation

  • Full crane OCR/OFR: container ID, ISO code, seal presence, IMDG label presence/classification, container door direction
  • Sharp images in any condition and at any container traveling speed
  • One-fits-all solution for various container configurations: single, tandem, quad 20′, 30′, 40′, 45
  • Front- and back-reach operations
  • Easily accessible maintenance position
  • No constrained spreader path
  • Argus Automated Damage Detection enabled
  • Optional washing station for automated and scheduled BoxCatcher cover cleaning

BoxCatcher in Europe's largest container terminal MPET

MPET, Europe’s largest container terminal located in Antwerp, equipped its 41 STS cranes with a Camco BoxCatcher OCR camera system for container identification and condition recording.

Camco has equipped more than 220 STS cranes with BoxCatcher across the globe.

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