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陆侧交付一体机 - 提高集装箱交换区的安全和效率



Since its initial design and deployment in 2007, Camco’s grid kiosk system has developed into today’s industry standard with an installed base of over 600 units. The intelligent design and customizable interfaces allow integration with any TOS and any brand of straddle carrier or ASC. Today, Cargotec recommends their customers to implement Camco’s grid kiosks together with their own ASCs.


Seamless integration of grid kiosks with the TOS allow for perfect control at the yard interchange area. When a truck arrives at the container interchange point, the driver identifies himself at the kiosk, upon which the TOS is automatically notified on the job and location. During the actual load transfer, the driver is forced to leave his cabin and push the presence button, creating a safe environment. Optional panic buttons and rear view cameras enable the driver to visually follow the transfer process and cancel operations in case of an emergency. Camco’s grid kiosks are currently used in a wide variety of interchange operations based on straddle carriers or Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC) systems.
  • 模块化,符合人体工程学和耐久的设计。
  • 低维护率,容易更换的组件,以及远程支持。
  • 10英寸触摸屏,RFID读卡器和VoIP对讲机。
  • 可定制的在场,确认和紧停按钮。
  • 可选防雨罩,交通灯,信号灯,后/侧摄像头和集卡存在传感器。
  • 通过profibus和以太网和任何类型的的ASC建立通讯
  • 和任何类型的TOS无缝对接


  • 为集卡司机在集装箱转运过程中提供友好的界面和安全的环境。
  • 集卡司机和ASC远程操作员之间灵活的、互动式的沟通渠道,减少了错误和误解的发生。
  • 与码头操作系统TOS和外围设备(如打印机)无缝集成。
  • 低维修成本,因为一体机的前面板包含所有关键组件,可以在几分钟内轻松更换。
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