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Increasing container terminal efficiency.

Camco Technologies is the leading technology company in innovative terminal automation solutions and services. Since 1999, our systems empower marine and railway terminal operators to increase their performance and safety while reducing operating costs. Already 200+ terminal operators worldwide successfully optimized their gate, rail, crane and yard processes using our highly accurate OCR technology, robust kiosk systems and advanced software. Terminals of all types and sizes can employ our solutions to optimize their operations and improve their customer service level.

Our systems accurately register containers entering or exiting the terminal by any means of transport – truck, train, vessel – enabling Terminal Operating Systems to make the right planning decisions, reducing unproductive moves and idle time. We deliver engineered customized systems that are based on proven technology and interface with any TOS and automation system.


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Gate automation for truck, train and vessel. Access control, yard interchange and position detection systems. Camco’s solutions empower your terminal to detect and register all incoming and outgoing traffic.
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Automatic registration of railcars and containers facilitates the job of planners and equipment drivers, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.
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Gate automation and condition recording systems for Ro-Ro terminals handling containers and trailers. High definition pictures allow effective damage claims management.

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Design, Simulation and Analysis

From the design phase on, our engineers ensure that system design meets your present and future requirements, eliminating bottlenecks to maximize throughput and efficiency. Camco designs and implements engineered solutions tailored to your terminal and operations.
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Project Management, Implementation and Training

Solid project management, implementation and training follow Camco’s proven methodology built on long-standing experience.
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Support and Maintenance

Camco’s engineered solutions comply with the highest standards. 24/7 remote support is available. The integrated support tools allow for diagnosis and remote follow-up of your installation, reducing and even eliminating the risk for downtime.

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Gate and Grid Kiosks


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Core Benefits

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Higher throughput

Automated checking reduces truck, train and vessel turnaround time. Faster and more accurate checking means better use of the infrastructure, leading to shorter visits increasing throughput and capacity.
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Greater accuracy

Camco OCR engines achieve the highest accuracy in the market. Container numbers, ISO codes, IMDG labels are automatically recognized, without human intervention. Excellent recognition rates lead to better planning, less equipment idle time and fewer delays.
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Monitoring each and every box

All gates are monitored and every container and truck is captured, processed, recognized and transferred to the TOS.

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Increased safety

Manual checking can be a dangerous task. Tally men walking between trucks, close to discharging and loading cranes expose themselves to moving machines and objects, exhaust fumes, harsh weather conditions … Automated gates eliminate these risks, contributing to the overall terminal safety.
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Improved customer service

Better control leads to shorter turnaround times on all levels, greatly improving customer service. Container data is automatically transferred via Camco’s Gate Operating System (GOS) to the Terminal Operating System (TOS), improving planning and overall terminal performance and leading to increased customer satisfaction.
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Cost savings and ROI

Investing in Camco’s terminal automation solutions leads to reduced costs and better usage of terminal real estate. Gate throughput will accelerate significantly and terminal capacity will increase as more storage space becomes available. Automating tally processes will reduce the need for manual inspections, leading to cost savings.

Benefit from our expertise.

Detecting, capturing, recognizing and registering: giving you total control over each terminal interface.

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