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Leadership through innovation

Over 25 years in the business. Outperforming competition. More than 300 references. Our track record is the outcome of sustained innovation and our commitment to doing better. Always.

Container terminal automation

Starting in 1999, we have been analyzing container handling processes in terminals. With our breakthrough kiosk registration and truck OCR…

Intermodal terminal automation

We have implemented gate, crane and rail automation in +100 terminals for combined rail-road transport in all continents, increasing truck…

AI-based image recognition

Essential container and truck data is captured with AI-enabled cameras. Our cameras are generally acknowledged as being the most performant…

Kiosk registration systems

The industry standard kiosk for fast and safe registration of truck and driver at the terminal gates and in the yard.

Real Time Track & Trace

From real-time container tracking to CHE collision avoidance, Camco RTLS technology provides more data on the container and terminal…

Automation software

We provide essential data as well as automation software applications empowering the digital transformation of container handling processes.

Go for automation

Higher throughput

Automated checking reduces truck, train, and vessel turnaround. Faster and more accurate data means better use of the infrastructure, leading to shorter visits and increased capacity.

Increased accuracy

Camco OCR engines feature the highest accuracy available. Container data is without human intervention. Excellent recognition rates lead to better planning, reduced idle time, and fewer delays.

Capturing every single box

All gates are monitored 24/7, and every container and truck is captured, processed, recognized, and transferred to the TOS.

Increased safety

Manual checks can be dangerous. Tally men are exposed to moving equipment and exhaust fumes in harsh weather. Automated gates eliminate these risks, contributing to overall safety.

Improved customer service

Better control leads to shorter turnaround times, improving customer service.

Cost savings and ROI

Better use of terminal assets will increase capacity as more storage space becomes available. Automating tally processes will reduce the need for manual inspections, leading to cost savings.


There is no other vendor with a similar track record. We have created the industry and we continue to take the lead in innovation.

We are more than 200 today. That is double the number of employees of our nearest competitor.

— Jan Bossens, CEO Camco Technologies

Read our terminal automation cases

BoxCatcher STS-crane OCR container reading

BoxCatcher is a proven container registration system for Sea-to-Shore crane operations. Connected to the crane PLC, the BoxCatcher travels over vertical rails mounted on the crane front legs, always in the perfect position to read every container, regardless the container flightpath.

Truck OCR/OFR Camera Portal

Reading truck, container, or semi-trailer data with unmatched speed. Improving gate operations, truck turnaround, and safety.

Rail OCR/OFR portal

Rail OCR camera portal reading railwagon number, containers and semitrailer cargo, providing instant inventories of complete freight trains for inland or intermodal terminals. Optional AI based brakeshoe wear detection and undercarriage scan